Essential Oils Adpool

Success in network marketing is always achieved by an effective lead generation strategy. The adpool is just one part of an overall strategy. You should aim to build a lead database of 20,000 people over several years. Think long term not short term with the adpool and other strategies.

Your payment questions answered

The payment deadline will be the 30th of every month. (Or 28th for February!) Leads purchased after this time will be included in the next month’s advertising.
Leads are now purchased from this webpage, payments are made using the PayPal system.

Payment can only be made via our new payment page.

You do not need to have a PayPal account to make the payment, any debit or credit card can be used, the payment will then be sent to our Essential Oils Worldwide Ltd PayPal account.

Minimum investment is £50.

Yes. You can invest in as many countries as you like.

With a minimum investment of £50 in each / any.

There is no maximum, you can invest in any multiple of £50.

You will receive automatic email confirmation with a VAT invoice as soon as the payment is made. Please check your spam filters and whitelist the email address.

The number of leads received depends on the cost per lead, this can fluctuate slightly daily and also varies by country.

This is monitored by our campaign manager and if we find the cost to be increasing, changes are made to bring this back down.

On the new payment page there will be the option to add the email address you would like your leads to be sent to.

No, as long as you advise us of the email address you would like your leads sent to that wont matter, if you use the same email address as your PayPal account that is fine also.

These are listed on the payment page.

Most of our adverts are in English, if they are in another language this will be shown on the payments page.

Yes. We suggest you speak to your upline / sponsor about this.

Remember that the team classes are in English only, so if you choose another language you will need to run the classes and learn the presentation in the language you use.

If you would like to invest in ad advert not currently listed, please speak to your up-line leader in doTERRA.

Leads are generally allocated in line with when you made your payment, i.e. if you paid a week before the deadline, you will receive your first set of leads sooner than someone who paid just before the deadline.

This depends on the leads you choose to receive, generally if you buy UK leads you will receive leads every 2 – 3 days. Some countries receive leads every day.
They are sent by email. The number you receive per email will depend on how much you invested. Usually if you invested £50 you will receive 2 leads per email, if you paid £100, 4 per email, £150 6 per email, £200 8 per email, £250 10 per email, £300 12 per email etc etc These are sent over the month until the budget had been spent.
You will receive at least, the prospects name, email address, contact number and town where they live. In some countries we also ask for their current occupation.
No, the information we send is all we receive. If the telephone number is incorrect, we would always suggest emailing the prospect to introduce yourself and ask them to confirm their contact number to enable you to send the details to them.
Sometimes people apply to more than one advert. They may also apply to the same advert more than once. They could also apply to one of our adverts and an advert from other people in doTERRA, either in our team running their own campaign or outside of our team. We cannot stop this, but we advise you contact any leads you receive as soon as possible. On the rare occasions we supply the same lead twice we will replace the lead and class this as a duplicate lead. Less than 1% of the thousands of leads we generate every month are duplicates. If you believe you have had a duplicate lead, we ask you to send the details of the prospect to us, along with the name of the other person who has contacted the prospect.

Your business development questions answered

This will depend on where you are based. The cost per lead also fluctuates. Some countries are lower in cost than others. Currently Europe is £1.50 to £2 per lead, UK is £2.50 to £3, South Africa is ££0.50 to £0.75.

Success in network marketing is always achieved by an effective lead generation strategy. We recommend 30-50 leads per week as a guide to enrolling 1 person per week. Ideally you should aim to enrol 6 per month. This requires effective following up. Use the resources section with the videos by the Neil Young. Make sure to use the structured script and WhatsApp messaging.

Be very persistent in following up. People lead busy, hectic lives. Never assume they are not interested, if they have not called you back, keep trying to contact them.

It is important to try different times and different methods, so if you call in the morning without response/reply try again in the afternoon and evening. Send messages on WhatsApp and voice notes in your outreach as well as calls.

Keep going!

Be very persistent. Also save every single lead in a spreadsheet so that the leads can be placed into a CRM database, like HubSpot. This will enable leads to be contacted multiple times in future by email marketing.

You should look upon building your doTERRA business as a long-term project. 5years is a good example of time it typically takes. The adpool is just one part of an overall strategy. You should aim to build a lead database of 20,000 people over several years. Think long term not short term with the adpool and other strategies.

Work closely with your upline leaders and attend all training meetings or watch recordings and try to copy the successful people in doTERRA.

We recommend that you communicate with your upline at the beginning until you understand the process. Please make sure you get support from your upline. The minimum investment of £50 is not enough to generate large numbers of leads. It is just enough to get you started and familiar with the process. As you become competent and confident you can accelerate. Also, the fast start bonus will fund your expansion once you are enrolling people. So, you should reinvest bonuses back into your business to scale growth.

The following bonuses are available in the UK only



Minimum spend (incl VAT). Does not include any bonuses.



Includes Bonus Oils of equivalent or similar value to Wild Orange/Lemon.



Includes bonus oils of equivalent or similar value Air/Balance/Aromatouch Blend.



Includes bonus Oils of equivalent value of Bergamot/ Green Mandarin.



Includes bonus oils of equivalent value of Frankincense.

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